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Welcome to Growing Steps Childcare & Learning Center

There is nothing more important than your child’s education. With a good education, your little ones can accomplish many things – they can BE many things. Through quality learning and care, your children are able to discover more about themselves and the world around them. They are able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and become role models in society.

As your children take their very first steps in their learning journey, we will be there to guide them. We will be there to make the entire experience fun, exciting, and memorable, instilling in your kids a love for learning which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

At Growing Steps Childcare & Learning Center, we offer a range of quality child care and education programs that allow your child to develop to his or her full potential at every developmental stage. We provide genuine learning in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment with brilliant teachers who organize and facilitate structured activities and games.

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Our Programs


A fun and exciting journey await your little tikes in the form of structured activities, creative play, and games! [Click Here]


We introduce your children to group play, indoor & outdoor games, and tons of other fun activities. We want them to find excitement in learning! [Click Here]

Pre Kindergarten

We increase your child’s preparedness for kindergarten through more complex structured activities and exciting games! [Click Here]

Before & After School

With Growing Steps Childcare & Learning Center, you can guarantee that before and after school time would be packed with learning experiences for your kids as well! [Click Here]


Are your kids falling behind on lessons? Our amazing teachers with be happy to help out with some quality tutoring. [Click Here]

Special Programs

We offer a full range of enriching programs that enhance your child’s physical, cognitive, mental, psychological, and social growth. [Click Here]

Our Mission Statement

We consider it our enduring mission to provide a safe, nurturing, loving, and fun environment for the kids under our care. Our highly-trained and experienced teachers strive to deliver the highest standards of care programs and services to ensure the best possible education for young children. It is our goal to offer structured learning through fun and exciting games and activities that bring a whole lot of laughter and happiness into a child’s life. We want to be known and valued for being a center that instills a true love for learning in all of our students.