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Pre Kindergarten (5-12 years)

Kids reading

Our school age program provides a well receptive structure of educational activities intermingled with hands on activities. The school age program provides customized educational reading and math assessment and intervention activities that support the curriculum of the child’s school, creative art activities, and a quiet area where the child can relax. Awaking and cultivating true love of learning is our goal.

We help your child transition smoothly to kindergarten with our one-of-a-kind pre-kindergarten program. This program offers a range of activities in an organized learning environment that builds up a child’s independence. Our dedicated teachers are committed to organizing and facilitating more complex games structured around advanced subject matters that further increase your child’s readiness for a higher form of education. Plus, we make this incredibly special time as fun as it can be for your kids!

What learning opportunities await your child in our Pre-Kindergarten program?

  • Exploration of a variety of cultures
  • An introduction to simple arithmetic
  • Music and singing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Creation of patterns
  • And so much more!

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